Jeff Veale

Director – Catering/Marketing Expert
All About Jeff Veale

Jeff Veale has been a staple name in marketing and the food catering business in Australia for more than 50 years.

Coming from humble beginnings growing up in a low-income family, Jeff has learned the value of hard work at an early age. With the drive to make a better life for himself, he started as an apprentice chef an quickly worked his way up the ranks in the food industry gaining valuable experience along the way.

With nothing more than skills, passion, and determination he built his own successful catering company, All Suburbs, from the ground up turning it into a million-dollar business serving anyone anywhere in Australia-wide and boasting an impressive range of clients from government offices such as the Department of Transport and Department of Health to [clients] in the entertainment business.

Aside from being a successful caterer, Jeff is also an expert sales growth and marketing strategist. Trusted by hundreds of digital entrepreneurs the world over, he is known for his extensive knowledge in establishing a highly-visible online presence, creating effective marketing plans, growing sales quickly and targeting the right audience with exceptional accuracy.

His results speak for themselves, putting businesses created by beginners and veterans alike at the top of Google, Craigslist and other search engines, allowing them to generate more leads and earn more revenue.

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